Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life---> running man

I am deeply in love with running man!!!
I agree..
It is lame..
It is stupid..
It is ridiculous..
It is hilarious..

When u watch it, u will hav this sentence in ur mind: "haha... What the tut"...

But then, I still LOVE This SHOW!!!
It makes me laugh like nobody business..
It makes me happy for the whole day..
It makes my brain get enough oxygen..
It is juz so stupid that u can laugh watching each every episode!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fashion---> simple is nice

Next year is my final year in medicine course...
Most of the time we spend is in the hospital...
So, appearance of a doctor of cuz first most important...
Thus, I brought myself two formal shoes~ XD!!!!
One is RM 30 , another one is RM20..
Location: Pasar Pagi and Pasar Malam!! :)

Life---> Choose a better bus!

Because of a foundation interview , I had to take bus to KL yesterday.

I took bus "transnational" which has a better service and better driver...

Of course everything went on smoothly , the interview was alright.. And everything was just fine..

Until the day (today) I wanted to come bac to from KL. too bad, transnational bus has only one bus to alorstar which is at 10pm.. And I was there at 3:30pm , waiting to go home..

I have no choice but to buy other bus ticket, which is 4pm to SP... A bus called "Super ****", which is so not nice!

First, bus ticket 4pm, bus reach at 4;30pm...
Second, passenger which suppose to go to butterworth switch to another bus during the rest stop.left only 3 passengers including me who wanted to go to SP..
Third, BUT they still stopped at butterworth!!! FOr ONE HOUR!!
Fourth, they stopped at a tol, ask 3 of us get down... Why... Cause the driver wanted to rush back home.. How bout 3 of us... His boss going to use a CAR to send us to busstop! And I was the only girl that! What!!!!

I told myself, anything happen , just jump off from the car..

Luckily, god bless, I reached home safely...

Next time, choose only TRANSNATIONAL bus! Punctual and the drivers are good!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fashion ---> 便宜到....!

结果不小心看到一间店挂着 70%全场! 
试问一下有谁能tahan! 当然是冲进去啦...


blouse:RM10 (70%shop)
shorts:RM20 (pasar)
Shoes: RM30 (70%shop)
necklace: RM5 (ONIKO boutique)

Dress (the right one) : RM 30 (70%shop)

SHOPPING 永远都是女人的强项!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Food--> Sungai Petani

Nowadays, it is so hard to find a cheap and nice wantanmee...

Penang: rm4-7
KL: rm5-10


Ha!! Well, this stall is actually beside the road.. At taman ria area.. Sell only in the morning..
The taste, maybe not that superb, but is nice.. There are 3 size : S,M,L..

I took a medium one, which looked little but, i was damn full after taking it.. Only RM2.90~ XD

Friday, August 3, 2012

Food -> Food In Sungai Petani

After a long time of "retirement", i am back... 
this year would be the last year i stay in SP.....
SO, wont dont we do a review on SP food...
Basically, SP has more food compare to ALorSTar ( thou i am a total ALorStar Lang)

1) Japanese Food ( forgot how to spell the name..oops.. XD)
     -Yoshiya (the best , for me) 
          :location : area behind Central Square


2) Korean food
       -one is next to Zhong ma restoraunt 
            : location : at lagenda height
        - another one at cinta sayang ( the best, for me)
            : location : one the left before the first traffic light after the turn to cinta sayang

3) Taiwan food
       -location : hmm, is a bit hard to describe, is a shop hidden opposite the famous breakfast shop Master Choo
        - the best food is the SANDWICH! best sandwich in SP

4) HongKong Dimsum and food
       - well , of cuz the best DimSUm would be at Da YOu Bin, which u can find the Master Choo 
          restaurant beside it ( same company)
       -from central square, turn right at the 2nd traffic light, go straight (on the right)

5) Thai Food
    - Chiang Mai restaurant
        location : cinta sayang, first traffic light turn right, reach another traffic light, again turn right... go straight, is on the left side

    - MaeSalong 
        location : is a bit far, along the way from aimst to south tol 
        phone number: Mr. Lim 012-725-5389 Mdm. Low 019-576-8691 Ms.Lim 019-458-6451
        best thing of this place, pretty landscape~

 - Central Square 
       location : a thai shop infront of vincci shop
       tomyam and green curry is nice 

6) Western Food
     - Le Boss 
        location : lagenda height (area before tesco)
        used to go there quite often at first, but the portion is getting smaller and smaller so i change my target

     - Hotmas
       location : corner of the shop lot behind taman lagenda height, area around swiss in Hotel
       cheaper and bigger proportion
   - ??? ( forgot the name)
         along the way to central square, after central square, 2nd traffic light, turn left and go straigh, there is one shop on the right which sell macaroon , cakes and western food


7) Chinese Food
   - Zhong Ma 
     location : lagenda height (row of shops behind old town)
     slight expensive but the food is nice

    -Xian Wei
    location : lagenda height ( area before tesco)
     affordable and nice

    - Ju feng
     location : lagenda height (ipposite xian wei)
     afternoon : economy food
      night        : tomyam is nice

    - Taman Ria
      Mee Goreng and Mee Kering, Pork chop is nice~
      economy rice is the cheapest of all

      location : a bit furthur, from hospital , do not uturn at the traffic light, turn a right turn and go straight on the left
       KARI mee is the BEST! it sells fast... so make sure grab it before 12pm

     - Wongkok
       location : opposite old town
       economy rice a bit expensive

      location : small town beside south toll
      a nice place for those who like herbs and real china style food

8) Dessert 
     - French Kissed Patisserie 
        location : village mall 2nd floor
        macaroon, ice mocha (a must try, is different)  and a lot more of nice dessert
 - Fresh Cafe
        location : cinta sayang, 1st traffic light turn right, another traffic light turn right, a bit more, on the right
        the korean bim bim bap not bad 
     - Chatime
        location : lagenda height
        grab a drinks~  
      - Starbuck
       location : in village mall
      - Trutti Frutti
       location : in village mall
       - Summer ??
       location : near the busstop (row of shop opposite busstop)
      - Busstop
       a nice red bean blended and beef noodle

-G Hut Cafe 
        location : near the dimsum area  
        a cowboy theme cafe
      - Station one Cafe
      - Summer Pearl
      - Bite's Cafe
      -Tong Pak Fu

 try to go aroud the area near local busstop., there is a food street with plenty of food, there are a few stalls with nice cendol,taufufa and kuih muih, there are a lot of nice chicken rice shop there ( the famous one has a stall sells cendol, aiyubing in front of the shop)... 

near the other busstop, which we called as Pekan Lama has kind a lot of food such as mee jawa. bak kut teh.... hunt for it... :)

around the area of billion, which we called as Pekan Baru, there is a big hawker centre, and also places for ikan bakar~

 in bidung , we also hav stream mantou which is so special, only can get in Bedung ,Kedah~
 there are a lot lot more of nice food out there which i cant really list everything out one by one...

 why dont u find urself a day and plan for a FOOD HUNT? must be fun~  XD


Saturday, October 1, 2011

miss the trip in MELBOURNE

my year 3 holiday trip -Melbourne, Australia~

thanks to Gee Paulene, for the fabulous, awesome trip i had ever have in my whole life...
because of this trip,i see a lot, i learn a lot, and i appreciate a lot~

best decision in my whole life, and i hope i have the chance to go there again~

the coffee,the dessert,the chocolate,the breakfast,the shops,the traffic,the culture, the people, the environment,
the building, the surrounding,the air are juz too wonderful~totally different from malaysia..

all this while,i nvr expect myself to hav the chance to expose to a western country..i still cant believe it,even now... 'a dream come true"? well, not to that level...
but it was Unbelievable~

bcuz of this trip,i had made up my mind...
i want to TRAVEL again, to the western country~ i hope i can! ~

From the town to st.Klida, from st.Kilda to chapel street, Queen Victoria Market, Mt. Dandenong, Brighten beach, South Warth... Everything and everything, i still remember..... a little of everything, a little photo of every album ~   XD